Realising the value in your project portfolio

Intuitive, tailored project advice can take your business from zero to hero, boosting efficiency, growth and ensuring your projects contribute to your corporate direction.

The engagement of a connected and knowledgeable project advisor/manager will also alleviate your business’ pain points and capitalise on the potential value in your project portfolio.

Leading Brisbane project management and advisory firm Siecap, which has just welcomed veteran project advisor/manager Kerry Huston to its team, certainly fits the bill.


As Siecap’s newly appointed General Manager – Projects, Mr Huston brings in excess of 15 years’ experience – in both the public and private sectors – across the education, health, energy and infrastructure markets.

Mr Huston relishes the challenge of working collaboratively with companies to better plan projects and align them with corporate strategy and objectives.

“Historically, companies only do things when they have to – it’s the nature of business to not spend before it is required,” Mr Huston said. “Usually, the business experiences a pain point and they are required to react. This is often when projects are initiated, so it becomes urgent and therefore the planning process is constrained by time.”

A skilled advisor/manager will also help keep your business focused on achieving pre-identified project objectives and ensure your projects represent a value proposition.

“Businesses, generally, have very capable, intelligent people acting in leadership positions – Siecap exists to provide an independent, project-focussed perspective to assist their decision making processes.”

“As a consultant, I am a firm believer that we’re not there to dictate solutions; we’re there to facilitate an outcome- sourcing  the information internally from skilled leaders to suggest alternate plans of action and couple that with best practice delivery methodologies.” he said.


Mr Huston’s extensive experience in major capital construction projects, strategic planning, contract development, project delivery and more means he is also highly adept at prioritising projects.

He is an expert at providing best-practice program management methodologies to ensure successful delivery of multiple projects within complex, large-scale portfolios.

“Companies may have five projects running simultaneously, and then a new, ‘urgent’ project, by default, goes to the top of the list. Thus, automatically de-prioritising the existing projects. Can the business afford that? They need an embedded management system that has the authority and capability to assess projects according to pre-defined criteria to best utilise resources and better deliver projects consistently, in accordance with the business requirement” he said.

Siecap is a thriving, growing business which focuses on three core areas: project development and project management, cost optimisation and performance improvement and supply chain and logistics.

Its blue-chip clients include Transport For NSW, Building Queensland, Caltex, Mercedes-Benz, Nexans Olex, Origin Energy, AGL Energy, Staples, Toyota, Super Amart, Super Retail Group, Fletcher Insulation and more.

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