Productivity Improvement

Siecap is a project management and advisory firm specialising in providing a full range of corporate and operational services across the asset and investment lifecycle which assist our to clients optimise cost, increase performance and manage risk.

A review of a large scale bulk commodity miners productivity, with the aim of increasing productivity with less resources and lower unit costs

The Background

How is performance being measured?

How can our performance be bench marked?

Where should we focus to achieve biggest bang for their buck?

How do we achieve consistent multi-site performance?

How the Siecap team helped

Challenged the short term planning to reduce queuing and improve cycle times

Demonstrated cost driver trees between contract and owners

Showed the value after normalisation of global benchmarking

Provided expertise in asset reliability to demonstrate how standby time and other predictive methods improve availability

Instituted hot seat changes and reduced meeting times, as well a crib time off equipment

The Results

Improved productivity by 8%

Increased mechanical availability by 5%

Improved labour efficiency ratio by 15%

Reduced equipment damage by 23%

Demonstrated dig dump load benefits via Boston Curve theory of being able to improve repeatable tasks by 10%

Developed the top 10 KPI’s (lag and lead) for management

Our Clients

We have delivered results for distinguished businesses and projects in Australia and abroad.