Surviving in the post-Amazon world: eCommerce in the spotlight at Siecap supply chain breakfast

Specialist project management and advisory firm Siecap jointly hosted a supply chain event with e-commerce fulfilment guru Jonathan Reeve today, Tuesday 6 March 2017 at Merivale in Sydney

Reeve was part of the team that developed the operating model for – one of the pioneers in online shopping.

The breakfast was attended by supply chain senior leaders from companies including Miele, Delonghi Group, Novartis, Caltex, Savills and GrainCorp to name but a few. Discussions focused on the impact of Amazon’s recent expansion into Australia, and how to successfully adapt your last-mile supply chain and capitalise on the eCommerce revolution.

Siecap CEO David Irvine, Director of Consulting Geoffrey Knowles  and Jonathan Reeve shared their insights into logistics and supply chain and, presented strategies in four categories:

  • Growth: Delivery plans that combine fixed and significant variable elements need to be developed.
  • Customer: Making time to understand who the customer is and what they view as ‘service’ is critical to designing effective solutions.
  • Technology: Past solutions and ‘best practice’ ways of operating are being challenged by the rapid evolution of supply chain technology.
  • Automation: Warehousing automation is vital in supporting enormous ‘sales events’ and has significant impacts on building design.

Thanks to our event partner, Jonathan Reeve, and to our valued clients for contributing to the success of this event. We look forward to forums in the future where we continue to explore and respond to important developments in our field.