Siecap supports Forever Projects

Since early 2017, project management and advisory firm Siecap has been involved with Australian social change organisation Forever Projects, who empower Tanzanian families to care for their children, by giving initial life-saving support that will permanently allow them to move themselves out of poverty.

Siecap CEO David Irvine was first introduced to the organisation by Forever Projects Founders Mark and Anna Dombkins. The charity came to life while they were living and travelling in Tanzania when they learnt of the number of women who die every day during childbirth, leaving their children at risk of starvation.

“We met families who had little choice but to give up their child in hope of ensuring their survival, and we knew we had to do something to help. This is not another story where the problem seems too overwhelming to make any difference. Rather, person by person, family by family, we are changing lives,” says Mark.

Forever Projects’ driving goal is empowerment and sustainability. Every year, they take 50 families, each with an at-risk baby, through a 12-month long project to empower them to care for their own children and to live independently. Starting with a malnourished infant who has no lactating mother and who is at risk of malnutrition and death – and ending with an empowered, self-supporting family.

David Irvine is proud that Siecap is supporting such a worthwhile cause:

Forever Projects is an inspiring community of people using what’s in their hands to bring positive change to people on the other side of the world. I urge members of our network to get involved and deliver even greater results for these families in need,” he said.


If you are interested in joining the Forever Projects journey, visit their giving page and meet a Tanzanian family to empower: