Siecap client Charles Kim of Toyota wins ASCL International Supply Chain Award

Siecap is delighted to announce that their client Charles Kim of Toyota won the ASCL International Supply Chain award at the 56th Annual Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards Gala Dinner in Sydney last week. Charles also received a high commendation in the category of 2016 Industry Excellence.

The ASCL International Supply Chain Award is given to any company, association or an individual that operates internationally and is able demonstrate their capability, commitment and achievements across any spectrum of the sciences, practices, disciplines or efforts to promote and improve the knowledge and acceptance of the importance of the supply chain.

Siecap nominated Charles for this award as, in his role as Manager of Supply Chain Kaizen & Systems, in the parts and accessories division at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, he has made significant achievements and has changed the way the Toyota Supply Chain has been managed and improved. He has demonstrated achieving closer relationships with global suppliers and has certainly increased recognition of the supply chain as an international industry.

By looking at its supply chain from a customer viewpoint in Australia and introducing effective improvements, Toyota now hopes to emulate this Supply Chain Kaizen success with its family worldwide. Charles has travelled to Toyota’s Japan headquarters to present the success of the project, to see what opportunities there are on an international platform and to share with Toyota distributors around the world.

Siecap could not think of a more worthy recipient of this award.

“We are thrilled that Charles has been formally recognised for his outstanding achievements and his substantial contribution to increasing the profile of supply chain as a global industry”, said David Irvine, Chief Executive Officer at Siecap.

 Charles Kim (Toyota) and Amanda O’Brien (SCLAA)

Charles Kim (Toyota) and Amanda O’Brien (SCLAA)