Ivan Imparato – Expert program and project manager across diverse business sectors

As a supply chain heavyweight in the automotive industry; Ivan Imparato is a highly qualified professional, specialising in program and project management, developing and delivering strategic and operational programs, and engaging project teams cross sectors, both in Australia and overseas.

With an outstanding reputation for leading and implementing Global First change management programs for Toyota in Australia; part of a diverse, high profile and highly demanding environment; Ivan has transformed the total service parts and accessories supply chain framework, business processes, and systems.


In his current role as Corporate Manager – Procurement and Supply, Ivan is responsible for Toyota Australia’s national parts and accessories inventory management services. He leads a highly motivated team of professionals as part of the inventory procurement and supply department, servicing both domestic and export markets.

“We look after inventory control and optimisation, domestic and export supply, supply chain continuous improvement, systems development and support, global-local sourcing, and supply continuity, to ensure that the right service parts and accessories are available at the right place and at the right time for our customers” Ivan explains.

Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney, Ivan started his career with Toyota at an early age. His first post was in the Information Systems division as a Programmer, then as an Analyst, Systems Designer, and Project Manager.

“I left the Information Systems division after fourteen years and moved into Corporate and Business Services which enabled me to then transition into the Strategic Planning, Customer Services and Retail Development functions of our Sales and Marketing operations, until finally moving to National Parts and Accessories Division in 2007” Ivan says.

When asked about his biggest career achievement to date, Ivan says the most painful and rewarding was the implementation of Toyota’s Global Parts System and Business Transformation Change Program in 2011. “Our business went through a total Transformation which included a system redesign along with new standardised business operations and processes nationally” Ivan says.

“Australia was the first Toyota distributor in the world to implement this new Global System and now, it has been implemented by Toyota Japan in other distributors around the world, including Thailand, India, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina,” he says.

Apart from implementing the Global Parts System, Ivan finds the Supply Continuity Program, which is due for completion at the end of this year, to be his most challengingto date.

“It is all about sourcing strategies for our service parts applicable to  various locally manufactured Camry and Aurion models, ensuring continuous supply to our domestic and export customers, post manufacturing closure later this year. It is challenging in the sense that it has never been done before. Toyota Japan have been working with us since 2014. We are writing the book on how this is done, so that in future, if it ever happens again, Toyota distributors and the industry can use our learnings” Ivan explains.

When looking for inspiration, Ivan says he looks to innovation, new ideas, and opportunities to make change for the better. He enjoys working towards a common goal in partnership with people that want to give it a go.

Ivan believes that the supply chain landscape will be forever changed as we move into the digital landscape and the disruption it will bring. “Change brings opportunities and challenges. We need to be ready with a strategy that will transform our supply chain, with a continued focus on cost reduction and sustained service levels. Capability – people, process and systems will be critical to deliver an exceptional customer experience” he says.