Government Transport Infrastructure Case Study


Government Transport Infrastructure Case Study

The Background

  • ​A road and tunnel project spanning across land owned and controlled by three levels of government
  • Operating airspace only metres above the alignment
  • Federally recognised environmental habitats
  • Multiple modes of transport to be considered – road, air, rail and pedestrian
  • Difficult groundwater and geotechnical conditions
  • A long recognised community need
  • Complicated stakeholder environment
  • Three layers of approvals legislation permitting and approval

How the Siecap Team Helped

  • ​Technical leadership
  • Design management
  • Engineering solutions to meet the situational constraints
  • Complicated cutting edge transport structures advice
  • Future proofing a project with minimal capital spend
  • Innovative thinking
  • Constructability planning
  • Application of global capability to a local problem


  • An engineering solution that allowed a successful environmental approval to be achieved
  • ​A practical solution that walked the fine line between various stakeholder wants and needs
  • An elegant and innovative mix of at grade highway, tunnel, bridge and preparation for future rail tunnels
  • A construction sequence that allowed for an impossibly narrow construction corridor
  • A construction methodology that allowed air traffic to continue uninterrupted immediately above the construction site
  • Specification of new technology for the Australian Government Transport Infrastructure sector

Siecap Project Management and Advisory