Closing the Gap Program

Siecap has partnered with business improvement specialists “MINSET” to bring a proven methodology implemented by a “dirt under the fingernails” team to unlock the potential of your operations and deliver rapid bottom-line improvements.

What is Closing the Gap?

Today’s business environment has become more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) than ever before.

Executives are more likely to face a range of challenges and barriers in delivering on near term company plans or targets.

Closing the Gap consolidates, filters and implements an organizations energies, cost out and efficiency ideas to ensure your business is profitable through all stages of the business and commodity cycle.

Closing the Gap is a methodology that combines data analysis and experience with frontline workgroup engagement to deliver fast-track improvement program to deliver bottom line results.

It was developed by industry leaders frustrated at the lack of a disciplined yet practical, rapid approach to validating, evaluating and prioritising improvements to drive costs and waste out of a business.

Nearly two decades later, it has evolved to become the most pragmatic, fast-tracked method of its kind that still yields a robust path forward.

“Closing the Gap” is a program that improves productivity and reduces cost from where you are to where you need to be” – Tim Crossley

We bring a proven methodology implemented by a “dirt under the fingernails” team to unlock the potential of your operations and deliver rapid bottom-line improvements.


Operational cost reduction

  • Developed proven, repeatable methodologies to drive out cost
  • Ensure that newly embedded knowledge and skills can continually improve our clients’ organisations.

Overhead cost reduction

  • Helped many clients reorganise and refocus their corporate and ancillary functions to deliver rapid improvement.

Working capital reduction

  • The reduction in working capital is often the overlooked opportunity in driving cost improvement, due to the lack of clear ownership and understanding of its impact on the bottom line.
  • Drive out “waste”/non-value adding activity

Performance improvement

  • We help clients increase workforce effectiveness in two ways:
    1. by focusing on reducing non-productive time; and
    2. by making production time safer and more productive

Maintenance & shutdown performance

  • Optimize maintenance activities, whether in-house or out
  • Reduce the number of shutdowns – and the length of time they last, and, with effective supervision and execution and make changes stick.
  • Drive a culture of “delivery to the plan”

Production increases

  • Prioritise ideas and areas for change
  • Align functions effectively to meet targets
  • Drive ownership of ideas and responsibility for action
  • Ensuring communication is business-wide.

Lean tools and mindset

  • Deliver bottom-line results and a sustainable solution with a further empowered organisation.

Footprint rationalisation

  • Our people have the unique blend of strategic insight and practical implementation skills necessary to deliver rapid and sustainable benefits from footprint rationalisation.

Mine Plan Optimisation

  • We can provide an independent review of your mine plan, which has the potential to identify inefficiencies and opportunities.
  • Often those to close or in the business are not seeing the wood for the trees.

All through a lens of simplicity

Closing the gap is a proven process to unlock rapid performance improvement.

Phase 1: Diagnose


Understand drivers of performance gaps


Quickly ascertain business improvement potential and help establish an aligned management plan, owned by your people, with targets for lasting impact.

Phase 2: Develop


Develop gap closure roadmap


Each opportunity is developed, economically evaluated and prioritised through an interactive process so that the full potential of each gain is known and committed to and a credible Gap closure roadmap is developed.

Phase 3: Deliver


Deliver safe and sustainable step change


With our combined experience, we offer total delivery flexibility. We can implement improvements with your teams, manage full programs, or simply provide progress tracking and team support throughout the implementation.


Develop leadership communication through the organisation

Case Studies

Australian Open Cut Mine

Lowering the cost / unit for the mining, processing and port operation into the lowest quartile of producers without destroying the underlying fabric of the business to capitalise when the commodity cycle shifts

Management Operating System for Freight Company

Implementation of a MOS system allowed a freight provider to rapidly improve their operational planning & execution.

Cost Reduction PMO in Mining Company

Cost Reduction PMO enabled a large miner to unlock value from their organisational and technical process changes.

Meet Our Team

Common values, and our shared passion to deliver the best outcomes for clients, have brought Siecap and Minset together. Our complementary competencies offer an unmatched depth of services and capabilities to clients across a range of industries.

Tim Crossley
Advisory Board, Siecap

Anthony Tarsilli
Director, Minset

Andrew Attrill
Director, Minset

Troy Harper
Principal Consultant, Siecap

Shawn Thompson
Principal Consultant, Siecap

Pamela Doyle
Principal Consultant, Siecap


Created in collaboration with

Siecap is an independent, specialist project management and advisory firm providing a full range of capital project and operational services that assist clients to optimise value, manage risk and increase performance across the entire mining cycle.

Minset’s business improvement services are specifically geared for heavy industries including mining, oil and gas, refineries, quarries, transport, construction and manufacturing. We fast-track performance improvements by partnering with our clients, pursuing practical results and sharing capability for sustainable gains.