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Siecap improved machine availability from 77% to 85%, increased operational costs and redefined the equipment Whole of Life model.

The Background

  • Global Miner with large sustaining capital program for mining equipment was slowing production on the back of lower economic growth.
  • The organisation needed assistance to review where sustaining capital was allocated, and optimise the investment by reallocating the funds to pieces of equipment that would maximise the return.
  • The work did not justify a full time position, and required expertise within the field of Heavy Haulage and off highway mine equipment.

How the Siecap team helped

  • The Siecap team identified a number of pieces of haulage equipment where upgrades would extend the life of the units negating New Capital requirements for the next 3 years.
  • The team undertook a comprehensive equipment study to formally document equipment condition and forecast maintenance and operating down time.
  • Sustaining capital financial modelling and approvals submitted and approved by the Executive Leadership Team.


  • For equipment subject to upgrade improved machine availability from 77% to 85%.
  • Impact on production loss and increased operating costs avoided.
  • Reduction in lower maintenance costs.
  • Redefining the equipment Whole of Life model to include such upgrades for all future equipment.

Case Studies