Standardised Program Management

Siecap was engaged to develop a consistent and transferable delivery methodology and reporting standards that could be applied to portfolio of government projects.

The Background

A state governments development department (which the government’s nominated delivery agent for whole-of-government projects) was tasked with the delivery of a portfolio of major projects.

A Special Projects Unit was established within the department to deliver these projects on the State’s behalf. As part of the ongoing delivery mandate, the new delivery department had identified the need for standardisation of processes and reporting across the portfolio.

How the Siecap team helped

Siecap was engaged to conduct a consultative study process with the various stakeholder groups within the portfolio in order to recommend a consistent and transferable delivery methodology that could be applied to all major projects. Key objectives of the study included:

To understand the current project management practices and processes across the projects.

To develop a robust program management approach to provide efficiency and consistency across all projects.

To ensure that senior management can exercise effective oversight to the program of works.

The Results

The key output was the recommendations for a Project Management Framework, under which all major projects are to be delivered.

Key findings included recommendations across:

The project services function and corporate services structure.

The development of further policy requirements and processes.

The development and resourcing of core project services skills including planning and scheduling, resource planning, risk management, document controls and transaction advisory.

The development of a detailed risk framework.

A recommended program management model and reporting standards.

A map of activities required to move from current state to the recommended model.

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