Mining Supply Chain Assessment

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A detailed supply chain assessment was undertaken with an international resources company to develop strategic recommendations, fundamental policies and operational improvements to improve inventory visibility and availability, while reducing on hand value by 15% – 25%.

The Background

A leading global resources company, with a remote and complex supply chain had concerns from stakeholders around inventory levels, management of inventory, inventory availability and costs associated with their current operating model.

 Large mining operation with multiple connected sites with shared warehouses and inventory

>$100m of stock on hand

Lack of trust, visibility and communication between operations and supply team

How the Siecap team helped

The approach focused on the qualitative benchmarking of key areas of the supply chain with supporting data analysis to quantify the assessment. The assessment covered:

Strategy & Planning

Inventory Management

Warehousing & Logistics

Work Order Management

Catalogue & Master Data

Performance Management

The Results

Qualitative insights into issues and gaps within key assessed areas of the operating supply chain

Supporting analytical insights to determine suggested inventory holding reduction

Detailed recommendation of 12 major opportunities to improve inventory visibility and availability, while reducing on hand value by 15% – 25%.

High level execution strategy to implement recommended opportunities

Our Clients

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