Mine Site Gas Commercialisation Study

CSG Commercialisation Study: A directional level study to identify and assess commercial development opportunities for a mine’s CSG resources.

The Background

On behalf of major mining organisation Siecap undertook a directional-level study to identify and assess the CSG development opportunities associated with one of their open cut mining operation’s CSG resources.

How the Siecap team helped

Reviewed geological data to develop independent gas in place (GIP) estimates.

Developed logical product profile based on expert understanding of resource characteristics.

Develop capital and operating cost profiles for each scenario.

Identified commercial pathways and off-take opportunities.

Provided a full financial model along with inputs to the client’s investment assessment process.

The Results

Validate gas in place and likely resource volumes.

Understand the range of scenarios available to commercialise the CSG gas resources.

Recognised the costs, risks, timing and value of each opportunity.

Plan the logical next steps needed to commercialise the resource.

Our Clients

We have delivered results for distinguished businesses and projects in Australia and abroad.