Industrial Facility Relocation Study

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Siecap conducted a feasibility study for the relocation of a large assembly and testing facility to assess key technical, financial and operational impacts

The Background

Siecap assisted one of the world’s major industrial pump manufacturers in assessing the feasibility of relocating several key functions for their equipment assembly, to an alternative site to deliver operational efficiencies and savings.

Pump assembly facility and storage

Paint shop

Pump testing facilities

How the Siecap Team helped

Conducted surveys of the current state of the operations at the existing and new sites

Assessment of physical requirements including space, layout, workflow, civil and structural engineering, building services and approvals and compliance

Identified potential options in relevance to relocation of facilities and equipment

Developed cost estimates associated with each relocation option

Conducted pay back analysis of various options

Identified risks and impacts to business operations

Provided insights for engineering, services and compliance requirements associated with options


Feasibility of potential relocation options identified

Engineering, compliance, service and development requirements framed

Costs, savings and pay back periods identified

Indicative programme provided for construction works

Options ranked and recommended

Our Clients

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