Bulk Facility Design

Validated the optimal storage capacity need for the development of a new bulk blending facility accounting for product segregation, import frequency and growth overlays. Through the process the reviewed design addressed base case gaps to achieve a 95% supply assurance.

The Background

The client is an international company that manufactures, markets and distributes a range of fertilisers blends specific to the needs of the horticulture sector.

Driven by the sale and exit from an existing facility the client needed to validate its internal modelling relating to the capacity, layout and local traffic impact for the proposed replacement. The client engaged Siecap to test the initial project design parameters in order to confirm the specification and update the associated capital case.

How the Siecap team helped

Using Power BI as the primary tool worked up a full business activity profile in relation to the base case production profile that included the incorporation of seasonal & future growth overlays.

Ran an optimisation process to qualify the trade-offs between material input storage, finished goods blending rates and bulk replenishment ship arrival patterns.

Provided an alternative building development cost for bench-marking against builder submissions.

The Results

Identified and addressed a storage capacity short fall in the base case design of 8,000t

Develop a precinct wide site traffic flow plan to handle seasonal bulk tipper arrival patterns.

Provided an interactive Power BI model that allowed the client the ability to model alternative product mix scenarios.

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