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A review of a large scale bulk commodity miners productivity, with the aim of increasing productivity with less resources and lower unit costs

The Background

  • How is performance being measured?
  • How can our performance be bench marked?
  • Where should we focus to achieve biggest bang for their buck?
  • How do we achieve consistent multi-site performance?

How the Siecap team helped

  • Challenged the short term planning to reduce queuing and improve cycle times
  • Demonstrated cost driver trees between contract and owners
  • Showed the value after normalisation of global benchmarking
  • Provided expertise in asset reliability to demonstrate how standby time and other predictive methods improve availability
  • Instituted hot seat changes and reduced meeting times, as well a crib time off equipment


  • Improved productivity by 8%
  • Increased mechanical availability by 5%
  • Improved labour efficiency ratio by 15%
  • Reduced equipment damage by 23%
  • Demonstrated dig dump load benefits via Boston Curve theory of being able to improve repeatable tasks by 10%
  • Developed the top 10 KPI’s (lag and lead) for management

Case Studies